By Paul Moroz

Stellarator-spheromak Stellarator-spheromak (SSP) is a magnetic confinement concept where external windings are used to produce stellarator effects in a spheromak-like configuration. The regime of high plasma pressure (high beta) operation is critically important for the SSP because of importance of internal plasma currents (which are larger at higher plasma pressure). The SSP approach remains main advantages of spheromaks, such as compact design and absence of material structures in the center of the torus, and has a potential to improve the traditional spheromak concept regarding its main problems related to difficulty of reaching steady-state operation and avoiding the fast-growing tilt/shift plasma instability. Stellarator-spheromak was discovered as an interesting and novel approach during author's research on spherical stellarators. It's unfortunate that without financial support the SSP concept is not currently under development.

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